‘Productivity is Positivity’

Mar 20 – Northern Case Management launch ‘Productivity is Positivity’ initiative to keep clients engaged

Northern Case Management (NCM) are launching a fantastic new initiative to keep clients engaged during the social-distancing period.


As a lot of clients are now self-isolating and all are being encouraged to practice social distancing, they are missing out on their usual community activities which would typically fill their week and provide much needed engagement and socialisation.  NCM Case Manager Lydia El-Shazly was keen to find a way to fill the gap and came up with an innovative way to get clients engaged in a range of activities such as arts and crafts and cooking, which they can complete in the home.


By using the hashtag #NCMproductivityispositivity, clients can share their results on social media and with their case managers and NCM will put together a ‘virtual exhibition’, helping to create a community among clients and hopefully reduce the feeling of isolation.


NCM Business & Clinical Manager Samantha Barker said; “Continuing with activities is essential as productivity plays a big part in clients’ health and wellbeing and this will help to alleviate the negative impact of social-distancing imposed on everyone at the moment.”


NCM have now extended this initiative to all their case managers and clients and results from Day 1 are already showing how positive it can be, as one adult client shared the Mother’s Day card and present, he made with help from his support workers.