Our Stories


Lee's story - in his own words

I'm called Lee Mather and in mid 1997 I got married, then in November 1997 I sustained a serious head injury due to a motorcycle accident.  When I was discharged from hospital,  about 5 years later my wife couldn't handle the change in me so she divorced me. From what I've been told, I was riding down a main road when a car pulled out on me, I swerved to avoid him and hit the kerb on the other side of the road and flew off the bike head first straight through a solid brick wall to a twenty foot drop on…


Debra's Story

Debra’s injury occurred in 2003 and at first family were told she would be in a persistent vegetative state. However after a lengthy period in intensive care and a residential rehabilitation unit she was able to move into supported accommodation. At the time it was recognised was not the ideal place for her but it meant she was close to family and she could start to take part in community activities.   In 2001 she moved into her own dormer bungalow, which had undergone a number of alterations to make it an ideal long term home for her. She is…


Sophie's Story - Slow Stream Rehabilitation

Setting the Scene   Sophie - Young female age 22 at time of accident Working full time, industrious & ambitious, about to take up position as air hostess for Air 2000 Living at home with mum and sister Loved going out to socialise with friends   What Happened?   RTA 5 February 1993 - driver took a corner too fast & was killed Front passenger - Sophie's boyfriend Sophie & friend were rear passengers in vehicle - total of 7 occupants Admitted to local A&E, transferred the same day to Large General Hopital with Neurological services   What Happened Next?…