What is Case Management?


The role of the case manager is to provide a service to clients by assessing facilitating, planning and advocating for their needs on an individual basis. This ensures that management is always ‘client’ focused; that the most appropriate services are accessed; and that continuity, consistency and structure are maintained.


All NCM case managers are:


  • Registered healthcare professionals and are required to adhere to their own Professional Code of Practice.  
  • Either Advanced Members or working towards advanced membership status of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM).  
  • Specialist in the rehabilitation and long term management of the health and social needs consequent of head injury and spinal cord injury.


As a Company NCM is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and our inspection reports are available on request.

Whilst NCM is an independent body, we are subject to measurable standards of practice and statutory regulation.


Who do we provide this service to?


We endeavour to provide a non-discriminatory service to people with acquired neurological damage i.e. brain and spinal cord injury and others with complex care needs.


Intervention by the Case Manager on behalf of the client will include:


  • Direct contact with the client, their family members, representatives and carers in their own home, voluntary/school/college/work facility or leisure environment.
  • Indirect contact by liaison with appropriate agencies and professionals for the benefit of the individual.
  • Documentation of intervention.


Case managers will prioritise and arrange the appropriate services in order to provide a comprehensive and proactive action plan, which can broadly fall into the following categories:


  • Daily Structure
  • Environment and Equipment
  • Professional Intervention
  • Finance
  • Care & Support


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