Litigation Solicitors/Barristers


Whether you form part of the litigation team for the claimant or act on behalf of the insurance company responsible for dealing with the claim, we know that when it comes to catastrophic claims, we are all working towards one common goal…


….To help the client to get the best quality of life possible, in the shortest amount of time and with the least disruption to their already hugely altered lives.


This is where NCM works differently as we will work with you to establish what the client needs and how best to achieve that. Many of our case managers have experience in working under the rehabilitation code and will ensure transparency throughout this process by:


  • Communicating with both claimant and defendant solicitors simultaneously
  • Providing regular updates when requested 
  • Explaining the reasons for any recommendations we make
  • Working closely with the instructing litigation solicitor and deputy, if necessary (when requested)
  • Ensuring we are all working in the same direction 
  • Keeping the client at the centre of all decisions made


When it comes to documenting the work carried out by our case managers, support workers and treating therapists we are happy to discuss your requirements. We do however, as a matter of course, keep the following documents:


  • File notes setting out the detail of telephone conversations, emails and visits made throughout a client’s case
  • MDT meeting minutes
  • Goal sheets (showing the goals set with our clients and the means of achieving them)
  • An initial case management plan with 6 monthly updates (unless required sooner)
  • Presenting condition and functional risk assessments for each client


Through Andrew Rose, Supervision & Compliance Manager, we are able to support our case managers to document not only the reasoning behind their decisions, their goals (with the means to achieve them) and their plans in a structured format but we can also ensure the notes are correctly recorded in line with the Civil Procedure Rules on litigation privilege and disclosure.


Our case managers growing understanding of the litigation process in which they are working (whether that be under a joint instruction, unilateral instruction or entirely outside of the litigation process under the rehabilitation code) assists them in providing a better quality of service to the legal team involved which we feel, has a beneficial impact on our clients.


Perhaps most importantly though, our directors, managers and case managers are always happy to have a chat with you about our clients –they are after all the reason we are all here, so please do pick up the phone or we can  come and meet with you as needed. 


Contact one of our team today on 0161 763 4734 for some friendly and professional advice. Whatever your situation, we promise we will do our best to help.