Meet Zak and his Mum Mags.

Meet Zak and his Mum Mags, who enlisted the help of the Northern Case Management (NCM) team to assist with the change in their lives. Now, Mags shares their story and how the team at NCM were able to support them on their journey.

A collage of photos of Zak and his mother, Mags.

“Having a successful medical negligence claim is such a bittersweet moment. But that is not where it ends. Everything changes. Your lifestyle, your career, where you live, friendships, even the car you drive. You are launched headfirst into the unknown. A life you know nothing about, and you are expected to hit the ground running, because time isn’t on your side, and you cannot get it wrong.

Suddenly you need to balance becoming doctor, therapist, specialist in equipment, financial advisor, pharmacist, advocate, and carer. All while trying your best just to be the best parent you can while leaving behind a whole world you built over your lifetime.

Our solicitors suggested we look for someone to take some of the strain. They lined up some interviews with local case management teams.

Each team sent representatives of their company to our home for an informal chat over a cup of tea. It didn’t take long to choose the ones who were the best fit for our family.

We met Lynn and Nicola. Two very bubbly, compassionate, caring people, who really knew their stuff. But more so, got us. The weight of the world immediately felt much lighter and a whole lot brighter.

Over the years NCM have been there through the good and the bad. A constant in a very unpredictable and ever-changing life. I know I never have to worry that my son has the right care, the right equipment, the right support. Because as life inevitably throws another hurdle our way, our case manager takes our hand and expertly guides us through. Organising all that is needed, often before they’ve even put the phone down.

Having outstanding case management, that really works well, takes away the pressure and fear of not being able to be everything to everyone. Juggling so many jobs, terrified that if you drop just one ball, you’re putting the life that you hold most dear at risk.

In the last 12 years NCM have given us care, support, belly laughs… They’ve helped plan and achieve everything our son needs to live a full and happy life. Removed barriers, given choice, opened door after door, and given us the tools, knowledge, and confidence to advocate for his every need.

Our Case Manager, Sam, is my lifeline. When I’m struggling to deal with red tape. If I don’t know where to even begin to find the things our son needs to thrive. When I can’t find the energy to fight another fight. When I need expertise. If I need, sometimes, just to talk to someone who understands and always has the best advice. When I, as carer, need a little TLC myself… Sam is always, and I mean always, just a call away (even on her day off).

I’m so glad that all those years ago we chose NCM. Thank you for being everything we could ever need all rolled into one.”

Thank you to Mags for sharing Zak’s story. It is clients like Zak and many others that inspire the whole team at NCM to continue to advocate for those that need rehabilitation following a brain or spinal injury.