Our Aims


We endeavour to provide a non-discriminatory service to people with acquired neurological damage i.e. brain and spinal cord injury for all ages from children to older people in a domiciliary setting. Our goal is to empower them to develop their full potential and enrich their lifestyle through providing a comprehensive client focused service.


In order to achieve this, we have outlined a number of area's we review regularly.


  • Continue to improve the service provided, along with the continued personal and professional development of the managers & staff which includes our clinicians adhering to the BABICM competencies for case managers and standards for case management practice.


  • Provide support to enable clients to develop their full potential and enrich their lifestyle.


  • Provide a client focused service that is both comprehensive and fit for its purpose which will include networking, specific rehabilitation where apropriate.


  • Meet clients assessed needs.


  • Employ a quality workforce to provide a quality service.


  • Safeguard the client from physical, financial or material, psychological or sexual abuse or self-harm, inhuman or degrading treatment.


  • Improve the reviews of assessments, plans and documentation through implementing better records and plans to manage these functions


  • Clearly incorporate race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief into our risk & needs assessments, case management plans and care plans.


  • Expand our service and to continue to grow and develop profitably and professionally.


  • Further extend and expand the training service.


  • Promote the use of our complaints procedure amongst case managers with the aim of improving the service.


  • Encourage clients and their relatives or representatives to make complaints (or compliments), which are viewed as another opportunity to improve systems, procedures and the service provided.


  • Bases our method of quality assurance on a continuous process that is monitored and reviewed formally at least annually and encourages all staff and managers to make comments and suggestions to improve policies, procedures and services on an ongoing basis.


  • Exceed the outcomes of the Care Quality Commission's fundamental standards. 


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